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Batwoman Features the First Lesbian Marriage Proposal in Mainstream Comics

DC Comics continues to become a big ally to the LGBT with the first lesbian marriage proposal in mainstream comics! In Batwoman #17, after revealing her identity to her girlfriend Detective Maggie Sawyer, Batwoman Kate Kane proposed. But this news seems to have an interesting subtext to it. Batwoman proposed to her girlfriend a couple of months ago and I just found out about it. I remember finding out Northstar and his beau were getting married not only before the issue came out, but also from a newspaper and not an online article. Northstar's marriage isn't even the first gay male wedding (Apollo and Midnighter of Stormwatch beat him by a couple of years). Yet that got headlines, while this, the first lesbian marriage proposal, was buried. Despite the apparent double standard between same-sex male and female weddings, at least we finally have two women getting hitched – well, if Maggie says yes. But I don't think Batwoman series writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman would do that to us... right? Batwoman #17 marriage proposal


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