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Bayonetta 2 Direct Recap

"Fox Costume, Euro LE Announced and play as Rodin online!"
Tonight’s Bayonetta 2-themed Nintendo Direct was one of the least useful Directs made since it only served as a tutorial of the campaign and the online Tag Climax mode.

One part that came from it however were unique inputs from members of Nintendo’s Treehouse, detailing their personal experiences from the game. Some were totally needless, but some came from experience stating that this will be as hardcore as the first.
The Direct did announced that the Nintendo costumes that were added to Bayonetta for Wii U will also be hitting Bayonetta 2. Bayo can dress up as Peach or Daisy that allows her to summon Bowser’s hand and feet in attacks, Link complete with Master Sword and Zelda jingles, and the Morph Ball-equipped Samus. Bayonetta 2 however has one exclusive Nintendo costume: Fox McCloud, which equips Bayonetta with Arwing-shaped laser pistols.
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Tag Climax has you wager halos (the in-game currency) in order to win more for the campaign, but enemies become harder when you wager more. While we knew Bayonetta and Jeanne were playable, we were told that there would be more characters and a third was shown off: the shopkeeper Rodin. All three of these characters (among any others that may be playable) all play differently. Rodin doesn’t have Witch Time, but attacks more powerfully and bluntly.
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Bayonetta 2 has been in development since before the Wii U came out, but the game is almost done and will release on October 24th. European Wii U owners can get a Limited Edition, which has a leather case, both games in their own cases and a mini art book. Only 15,300 copies are being made of this limited edition and like with most Nintendo LEs, Americans aren't getting it.


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