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Benji Bananas Review: Monkeys are Always Fun

Thank Fingersoft for the new game frenzy on the android market, Benji Bananas. Expect hours of time consuming, class avoiding, endless fun. Become the virtual monkey who chases bananas and swings through the scene with the challenge of hanging on for the distance.

Benji Bananas is a physics-based game where Benji, the monkey, is controlled to swing through the jungle by way of periodic vines which you can grab. The controls are rather simple, there are a series of tap/hold areas which allow you to jump, grab, and release to swing from vine to vine. The controls may sound a little trivial but trying to win the game is nothing of the sort. As the monkey you always have to keep your eyes peeled for certain obstacles such as spikes, water, tigers, and other jungle hazards.  There are incorporated boosts as well, forest trampolines, and stage completion rewards.


 Game Play that Will Catch Your Eye

The game has several different areas that Benji the Monkey can travel through.  After the forest level you get to enjoy the waterfalls and ancient ruins. The board is also laced with several power-ups to help better your experience. With the bananas you stack up in between swings you can buy single use power-ups. For 1000 Bananas you can purchase a Head Start which will rocket your monkey forward to a great start. 500 bananas will get you a Tiger Strike which allows you to hit the tiger before it attacks you in the jungle. Purchase Snake Oil for 250 bananas so that you will maintain better grip when swinging from the snake. Sisu strength proves to be useful but costly, for 2500 bananas you can buy a mulligan, which I have bought many of. Although there are several persistent power-ups so keep an eye on your money to equip the monkey for success, or a better outfit.  


Persistent power-ups may be pricey but useful. The fertilizer power-up makes vines longer for easier attachment. The wingsuit may be my favorite which enables a monkey suit that allows for longer flight and easier play. Combining the fertilizer attachment with the swing boost power-up and you will have an extra speed boost when launching from vine to vine. Rescue Squad is a power-up sort of like sisu strength where friends follow you for a while through the map in case you happen to fall, they are there to save you. The magnet allows you to absorb any bananas near which can bring a great boost to your banana count. Freezer boost allows you to shoot down obstacles from a distance. Finally, last but not least the chili boost power-up will give you a speed boost through hot chilis. Fingersoft has something up their sleeve as well, you can purchase the Developer Scream with the description, you are in for a surprise, I have yet to purchase this but the prize seems rewarding.

I must say that I appreciate the cartoon style. You’ll have a lot of fun swinging through the worlds and through disguised obstacles to chase the highest banana count you can earn. The concept isn’t easy but it isn’t too hard as to where you are likely to give up.  There are some small ads in the game, but you are unlikely to see them, they aren’t intrusive into gameplay so you are free to focus on the character. Judging which vine to grip and launch from may require your full attention because one slip can cost you the race, believe me I know firsthand.

You can check out Benji Bananas by Fingersoft for free on Google Play. 


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