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Best Buy at it Again

It seems Best Buy is retuning its strategy to raise its place in the video game market. The electronics giant has licked its wounds over its failure in its attempt to enter the used game market, and it has a new way to try and stick it to GameStop. The latest method, @Gamer magazine.

It's no secret that part of GameStop's success in the market has been in part to Game Informer. Why else would they jam it down your throat so much? All kidding aside, the magazine is one of the top video game magazines in the US, and millions subscribe to the magazine. It's just one piece of the big money making pie that is GameStop. If Best Buy was able to duplicate the success of Game Informer it would be a great way to reach its customer base, and be a great way to advertise for them selves. All in all I hope the best for the retailer, but I hope that this doesn't get added to the list of all the things Best Buy tries to sell me when I buy something from them. Expect to see @Gamer in your local news stand and local Best Buy some time in June.


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