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Best/Worst TV Couples of the Past Year

Love and loathing is in the air this month with people celebrating or avoiding Valentine’s Day. To honor all this holiday has to offer, I thought I would take a look at the best and worst TV couples of the past year. Some of these leave me wanting more and others make me cringe at the thought of them continuing.

The Best

Jane/Michael - Jane the Virgin Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Four" -- Image Number: JAV222b_0154.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Brett Dier as Michael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved Jane the Virgin did the whole love triangle thing and it’s one of the only shows that came out better for it in the end. Jane and Michael were the perfect team, which makes the end of their story all the more tragic. They communicated well even if they were disagreeing on something. They also knew just what to do or say to make each other smile and they also supported each other's passions. Talk about relationship goals. Poussey/Brook - Orange is the New Black image via Netflix Poussey and Brook on Orange is the New Black were an unlikely couple, but they just worked. They were adorably sweet and made each other happy, even in a miserable place. That’s all you can ask for sometimes. Their end was also tragic, but it was the highlight of the fourth season and made those final episodes all the more heartbreaking. Linda/Bob - Bob’s Burgers Image via Fox Linda and Bob Belcher are my favorite animated couple of all time. Those Disney princes and princesses have nothing on them. Linda’s silliness and Bob’s sarcasm balance each other perfectly. They have sweet moments even in tense times of crisis. They even run a business together, which most couples wouldn’t be able to handle.

The Worst

Jessa/Adam - Girls Image via HBO When Jessa and Adam got together on Girls I couldn’t believe it. They make sense because they are both a little eccentric with their own way of thinking, but I just can’t stand them together. Just when Adam was starting to show his sweet side, he turned to Jessa. They are one of those couples that are so terrible, but you can’t look away. Lindsay/Paul - You’re the Worst Image via FX These two just keep coming back to each other and every time they do I groan. They clearly should not be together. Paul with his desire to have a family and someone to ride a tandem bike with and Lindsay who just wants to hook up with people and not have to work for a living. They are never on the same page. Hopefully they stay broken up this time. Rebecca/Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Image via The CW Every since the first episode of this show, I disliked Josh. I just didn’t see his appeal at all. Rebecca isn’t perfect either, but at least she knows it. Josh doesn't see his own flaws. He doesn’t even seem to have any real goals in life and just wanders from one girl to the next. Rebecca had this perfect image of him, but I would be happy if she was with anyone besides him.

Honorable Mention:

Everyone - Are You the One? Image via MTV and Entertainment Weekly I know we don’t talk about reality shows much, but anyone who is watching Are You The One? this season will agree with me that every “couple” on this show is the absolute worst. People come on that show somehow not realizing it’s a game and when they get there they refuse to play it. It’s insane, but I guess it still makes for entertaining TV.


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