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Bethesda Announces Dishonored

Bethesda Softworks is having quite a year.  So far they've released Brink and Hunted, with RAGE and Skyrim on the horizon too.  Now they've revealed yet another game called Dishonored a first-person action title being developed by Arkane Studios, the folks who brought us the Xbox game Arx Fatalis.

Details about Dishonored will be revealed later this month but Arkane's co-creative Director Raphael Colantonio says
 “At Arkane we have a passion for creating deep, immersive game experiences,” said Colantonio. “To be able to finally share details of our project is both extremely exciting and satisfying.”

All we have to go on so far is a teaser image from the upcoming issue of Game Informer:

Dishonored will release in 2012 for Xbox, Playstation 3 and PC.  Expect much more on this mysterious new intellectual property to surface later this month.  In the meantime, visit www.dishonored.com and hammer away at your F5 button in hopes of more info.  


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