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Bethesda Announces Upcoming Announcement

Stop the presses!  Bethesda announced today that tomorrow they're going to announce something!  Hopefully tomorrow's announcement will not be yet another proclamation that yet another unveiling is coming later this week.

Their twitter account today posted an image with only the comment "Tomorrow".  The image is of a bedraggled, scruffy, shirtless man gazing intently at a shadowy figure in the foreground.  Is this man from an upcoming Skryim DLC?  Perhaps he's from Dishonored.  Maybe he's somehow involved in something that hasn't even been confirmed yet, like Fallout 4, DOOM 4, or Elder Scrolls 6.

And just who (Or WHAT) is that shadowy outline on the right side of the picture?  A dovakiin?  A Super Mutant? Another survivor from one of the Arks from Rage? Whatever this image is from, Bethesda fans are no doubt curious, already brewing their coffee so that they can stay up all night hammering F5 on their keyboards awaiting the next nugget of information from the Bethblog.

You can keep up to date with Betheda's tweets through @Bethblog, and you can join the discussion about the enigmatic image HERE.


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