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E3 2016: Bethesda Showcase Recap

"With a number of announcements - both big and small - Bethesda offers a lot to get excited for"
Bethesda’s E3 showcase has come to a close, and judging by the handful of fun goodies they’ve announced, it’s clear that they’ve been busy. From free updates to exciting ports to upcoming new releases, Bethesda has given us quite a bit to look forward to this year. Among the first of Bethesda’s announcements are two upcoming titles: Quake Champions and The Elder Scrolls Legends. Quake Champions will be a PC only hero-based first-person arena shooter, sounding somewhat similar to a Quake-based take on Overwatch by ID Software and Saber Interactive. The Elder Scrolls Legends will be a strategy card game based on, you guessed it, the Elder Scrolls world. These two upcoming releases along with The Elder Scrolls Online make it look like Bethesda has been playing follow the leader with Blizzard as the leader, but hopefully the Quake and Elder Scrolls flavor will be enough to separate the two powerhouse companies. Following those titles, Bethesda let loose with a long string of update announcements. They showcased three big workshop DLC packs for Fallout 4: Nuka World, Contraptions, and Vault-tec. These DLCs will add new places to visit and more ways to customize your settlements, with the Vault-tec pack allowing you to build your very own vault. Fallout Shelter, the mobile app that garnered a sizable hit preceding the release of Fallout 4, will also be getting an update. The update will include new quests that you can send your vault citizens out on, among other new features and enemies. Fallout Shelter will also be seeing a PC release soon. A new Skyrim special edition will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new port will come with a huge graphical overhaul that the Skyrim team has been working on since the new consoles came out. PC players that have all of the Skyrim content currently will receive a free copy of the special edition. The Elder Scrolls Online will see a Japanese release, new DLC centered on the Dark Brotherhood (fittingly named Dark Brotherhood), as well as an update called the “One Tamriel” update. “One Tamriel” will update the world of ESO to enable dynamic levelling, allowing even brand new characters to level-scale up and explore areas previously habitable only by higher-level characters. Doom will be getting a snapmap update where you can use the Hell setting as a backdrop as well as new multiplayer maps and a new multiplayer character, all of which will be available for free. Bethesda also announced that they will be releasing a free playable demo for Doom available throughout this week. The Bethesda panel also announced a version of Doom and Fallout 4 on the HTC Vive VR console. After years of cancelled projects, Prey is getting the reboot treatment by Arkane Austin. You play as Morgan Yu in this psychological first-person action game where you mysteriously wake up in the year 2032 at a space station to discover what happened as aliens took over. The new Prey is out in 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Finally, Bethesda revealed loads of info on Dishonored 2. Starting with a very pretty and very intriguing world design trailer and leading into a sizable chunk of gameplay footage, Arkane Studios highlighted an atmosphere and level of customization that they were clearly very proud of. Dishonored-2-Bethesda-E3-2016-01-1280x720 The world design trailer took us through the southern city of Karnaca, which took clear inspiration from southern European architecture from Spain, Italy, and Greece. The relatively clean and well-lit city that we saw created a sharp contrast from the Dunwall that we became so intimately familiar with in the first game. The gameplay footage mostly highlighted Emily Kaldwin’s new powers, which had an impressive flexibility that just begs to be screwed around with for hours on end. We got to see Emily pull objects and enemies into her lethal grasp, summon mesmerizing statues, and toy with enemies using a new “domino” ability. We also got to see the themes based around some of the levels, such as the dusty mining city and an abandoned mansion that sits at the edge of two different moments in time. Finally, Arcane Studios announced Dishonored 2’s release date: November 11, 2016.


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