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Bethesda, Interplay Reach Settlement Over Fallout Online

Vault Dwellers and Wasteland Wanderers might have some good news to look forward to regarding the future of the Fallout franchise.  Interplay (The original developers of the Fallout games) and Bethesda (Who did Fallout 3 and New Vegas) have reached a settlement in their lawsuit.

Bethesda bought the rights to Fallout in 2007, but allowed Interplay to continuing to work on it in the form of an online MMO RPG which Interplay says has been in development with the assistance of Masthead Studios (Creators of the dismal Earthrise MMO).  In 2009 Bethesda filed suit claiming that Interplay failed to live up to the agreements in their contract.

The details of the settlement haven't been revealed, and what this means for the future of the Fallout franchise is uncertain.  However, the mere fact that a settlement has occurred in this two year-long legal battle means that the two companies can get on with their work on whatever comes next for the series, and that means that the Fallout MMO is one step closer to hitting store shelves.

You can read more about the settlement on the Fallout fansite Duck and Cover.


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