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Bethesda Promises New Vegas Patch

Fallout: New Vegas just launched this week and Bethesda has already promised a patch to fix the bugs reported by numerous players. Befuddled players have uploaded several YouTube videos of New Vegas containing moonwalking dogs, floating enemies, and characters with Exorcist-style spinning heads, all the result of glitches.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines announced that the company is currently working on patches for all versions of New Vegas and that additional information on the patch is “forthcoming.”

Meanwhile, bugs have been reported that corrupt save data, so New Vegas players out there are advised to save early and often and keep multiple files.

Despite the numerous problems reported by players, Fallout: New Vegas has received generally positive reviews so far, with the Xbox 360 version currently holding an overall rating of 84% at review aggregate site www.GameRankings.com.

Stay tuned to Player Affinity for our review on Fallout: New Vegas.


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