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Bethesda Reveals 20 Minutes of Skyrim Gameplay

Bethesda has revealed about 20 minutes of gameplay footage (In 3 parts below), so feel free to explore the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim yourself.  The footage is from the gameplay demo shown at E3, which was released to the public yesterday.  

It looks absolutely gorgeous, which is only par for the course for The Elder Scrolls series.  The game also features the open-world feel that made the franchise so popular, with more fluid combat, heavier emphasis on spellcasting, and a sleek new menu system that appears extremely easy to navigate.  The skill system from Oblivion is still in place accompanied by another innovative and fresh take on in-game menus.  While still 2 months out (the release date is 11/11/11), the level of detail and polish shown in the demo really speaks to all the hard work and effort that the folks at Bethesda put into their flagship franchise. 


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