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Bethesda Reveals Dishonored

What happens when you take a guy who worked on Half-Life 2 and a guy who worked on Deus Ex? No idea myself but the potential outcome might be amazing.

Revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer is a title going by the name of Dishonored, being developed by Bethesda. The two big names associated with its production are Harvey Smith, who was a key figure in the creation of the original Deus Ex, and Viktor Antonov, who worked as a designer on Half-Life 2 but is specifically known for the creation of the iconic City 17 local.

Unironically enough the description of the game sounds exactly like what people would expect: it’s a first-person shooter but with a heavy emphasis on stealth, setting traps and being more about clever tactical means of avoiding or eliminating enemies than straight up combat (though with intense violence also being a big feature I imagine guns blazing will always be an option, too). Player story choices and moral twists are also touted so it's a bit of Mass Effect as well – awesome.

Strangely this sounds exactly like the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution that is releasing in August. The key difference seems to be that Dishonored is going for a much darker sci-fi future than Deus Ex and has an art style that seems to be a cross between Blade Runner and Half-Life.

Dishonored has no confirmed platforms or a release date yet, but "PS3, 360 and PC" and "Sometime next year" would probably be safe bets.


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