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Beyond Good and Evil on PSN, BioWare Emails and PS3 Firmware 3.66

Not much in the way of big news so here's three smaller things you might want to know about. Beyond Good and Evil has been given the HD treatment and was released on Xbox Live for well over a month now but only just today was it stated the game would finally be making its way to PSN on June 28th.  Originally slated for May it has been delayed for unknown reasons. Whether this was a business exclusivity deal or technical issues, no one knows.  All that matters is this cult smash hit will be playable by PlayStation-only people now and this is a good thing.  I remember thoroughly enjoying BG&E for its relatively unique mix of mechanics and interesting story and cast of characters back in the PS2 days, and yes like all the other crazy gamers I'm still waiting for those gosh darn Ubisoft people to stop obsessing about Italians who like to poke things and give us more sweet sweet Jade and Pey'j action in awesome modern form.

If you own any BioWare products and have an EA account you should definitely be checking your email inbox if you haven't already.  Today BioWare sent out a massive password reset email to anyone who has an EA account tied to any of their games.  This is because they were one of the most recent companies to be hacked and have their customers' user data stolen.  Don't worry, nothing financial like credit card numbers, just email addresses and passwords.  The reset is mandatory as your old password won't work at all if you've not yet discovered this or have and are wondering what's up.

And for the third news item on this post Sony has released the first firmware update since the whole PSN being reset back to normal thing happened: 3.66. Changes include the following:

1.  Improved system stability during use of PS3 software and network services.

After playing my PS3 earlier and discovering that nothing seems to have changed whatsoever, I think it's safe to say PSN is completely back to normal.  Don't ever change Sony. Wait, no, please please for the love of God change I don't like useless firmware updates.  Five years of this nonsense, five freaking years and they've learned nothing!

I'm starting LA Noire tomorrow which I only bought just last week and am totally not irritated at the fact Rockstar announced the PC release today which I definitely would not have wanted to patiently wait for instead and save my money in favor of the better looking, better running version. Then again I buy two copies of games freqently enough so I'll probably get the pc version as well anyway.

Enjoy your weekend people. 


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