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Big Change Comes To Superman #13

Superman #13 marks a big change for our hero as Clark Kent embarks on a new journey. This journey is not one that involves punching giant robots into submission, however, but a personal one. Needless change or not Scott Lobdell is looking to make his mark on Superman as the new writer with this week's Superman which provides a big shake-up for Clark Kent in his everyday life. This change? The Daily Planet, a staple of the Superman legacy since the 40's.

"I wasn't going to test the waters. I was just going to do a cannonball in the Super-verse," says new Superman writer Scott Lobdell, who began his run on the book alongside his Red Hood and the Outlaws artist Kenneth Rocafort last month with Superman #0.

This week Clark Kent will be joining the unemployed after quitting the Daily Planet (along with co-worker Cat Grant) due to the pressure heaped on him from lingering feeling from Lois and tension from Galaxy Broadcasting chief Morgan Edge. On his way out he also makes a passioned speech on the state of journalism in the modern world, which comes off as more of a form of entertainment than it does education. According to Lobdell that his plan for the following months is to have Clark "come into his own" and mentioned that he is "Superman's id" with obvious connotations of having more emphasis on the non-super side of Clark's life.

"This is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren't really his own," Lobdell explains. 
"Superman is arguably the most powerful person on the planet, but how long can he sit at his desk with someone breathing down his neck and treating him like the least important person in the world?"

This is also all supposedly leading up to Clark Kent making a brand new path for himself and for the aforementioned Cat Grant, who Lobdell has claimed will bring "a whole other set of skills" to their next venture.

Superman #13 also marks the beginning a three month long crossover between the Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy titles - H'el On Earth. It hits stands this wednesday, October 24.


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