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Big Fall Update Coming for PlayStation Home

I have never used the Home service network on my PlayStation 3, but from what I've learned, I'm really not missing much. However, with apparently 23 million people using the service to date, it's not surprising that Sony continues to support the thing.

Coming to Home this fall is a giant update including a complete remodeling and redesign of the main hub of the interactive social feature and a much larger focus on games. Four new districts will be added, all themed around specific game genres. The other new big feature is a teleportation system that will make moving people's digital avatars around much easier and faster. Sony intends to not simply remodel the main hub for the ease of use alone, but they also intend to make partaking in the new shift towards more gaming centric elements easier. A quest system will be included in making Home itself much more of a game, including simple solo quests and long branching path chained quests, similar to how MMOs are typically structured.   

Completing these quests will directly affect elements of your Home experience but Sony has yet to detail exactly what that will be. To further extend the new quest feature, users themselves will be able to make their own and have others experience them as well.

The new districts will include Action, Sportswalk, Adventure and Pier Park, each with their own look and style. Who knows, someday maybe my morbid curiosity will get the better of me and I will finally see what the big deal is with Home, because years after launch I've still yet to understand why anyone would want to do all the MMO stuff without the actual MMO gameplay.


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