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Bill Condon to direct Breaking Dawn?

Whether you love, hate or are neutral towards the Twilight series there is no denying that it is a financially successful film series pleasing the fans of the Stephenie Meyer novels. Summit Entertainment have already attached three established directors to its series, Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz and David Slade, and the studio has been on the hunt for an experienced director for the final two films.

Indie directors such as Gus Van Sant (Milk, Elephant) and Sofia Coppolla (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation) were linked to Breaking Dawn, but Summit Entertainment is now in talks with Bill Condon to sit in the director’s chair.

Condon is known for directing independent films like Gods and Monsters, but his most well known film is the adaptation of the musical hit Dreamgirls. He has also developed a reputation for getting Oscar-nominated performances out of his actors.

Indie directors have done well with franchise films which Summit wants to repeat. Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer and Paul Greengrass have been able to make the transition from smaller projects to big blockbusters. Yet others such as Gavin Hood have struggled with pressures of filming a mega-franchise.

Changing directors has provided critical and financial success for other series, such as a Harry Potter and James Bond films, allowing different styles and tones to be explored.


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