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BioShock Infinite’s Columbia: Modern Day Icarus Part 2 Released

The latest trailer for BioShock Infinite has just been released. This trailer is another one of the backstory trailers presented in old fashioned grain film with a voice over. These trailers are showing off some of the backstory that is present within the universe of the game. This backstory will play a prevalent role in the story for the latest BioShock from 2K and Irrational Games.

The trailer is focusing on the Songbird, who is the main antagonist for BioShock Infinite. According to the trailer, the Songbird was thought of as a myth of Columbia, but within the walls of Columbia people knew about it. It was such a force that there were children’s nursery rhymes being created about the creature.  The trailer also shows old footage of the Songbird in action, allowing people outside of Columbia a brief glimpse of the Mythical beast in action, confirming that the Songbird did in fact exist.

The Songbird was thought as the protector of Columbia, until new evidence showed the people that it was in fact keeping something within the city. This something is Elizabeth; the girl Booker is sent there to rescue. The trailer asks “what was so threatening about this child, that it required such a monstrous guardian?” This makes one wonder if there is much that we do not know about Elizabeth and what she is in fact truly capable of.

These trailers are delving into the back story of Columbia, and it is exciting to see what will be revealed in the future, as we get closer to the March 26th release date for BioShock Infinite


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