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Bioware Reveals Mass Effect 3 at VGAs

Bioware’s mysterious new project has finally been revealed as Mass Effect 3. The world premier trailer was shown at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards the night of Saturday, Dec. 11. A release date of “Holiday 2011” was announced as well.

 The trailer depicts the unnamed soldier from the teaser image attacking unseen foes from a clock tower. As the camera pans out it’s revealed that the soldier is inside London’s Big Ben while the city is under siege by massive Reapers. The soldier gives this ominous narration as the trailer closes: “Only one thing is certain - if Shepard doesn’t bring help soon, there won’t be an Earth left to save.”

What the trailer did not discuss – nor was it announced at any other time during the VGAs – was the presence of any sort of multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3 or a multiplayer Mass Effect spin-off. One of the biggest rumors associated with Bioware’s VGA announcement was that it would involve some sort of multiplayer game associated with the Mass Effect series. The viral marketing leading up to Bioware’s announcement also included references to the atomic mass of iron and Vostok, Antarctica, neither of which were elaborated upon at the VGAs.

Game Trailers has the teaser for viewing here.

Image - Joystiq


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