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BioWare reveals new DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare have revealed the next DLC chapter in their epic fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, to attendees at Comic-Con. The new chapter, entitled "Golems of Amgarrak," will allow the player to explore new areas in the world of Ferelden, in an effort to rescue a lost Dwarven mining party, and, more than likely, encounter Golems.

The DLC will be a new dungeon, and players will be able to import existing characters or create a new, high level character. New, powerful loot will be accessible, and this in turn will be usable in the original game if found. “Golems of Amgarrak” is being designed to be as challenging as possible for experience gamers.

Dragon Age has been well supported, with The Stone Prisoner, Warden's Keep and Blood Dragon Armour available at launch, and Return To Ostagar, Darkspawn Chronicles and Leliana's Song released since. These quests have been largely combat based, so here's hoping to see something more story based this time, though early previews suggest otherwise.

BioWare have announced a release date of August 10th for the DLC, for a cost of $5.

The reveal is surprising considering the recent announcement of Dragon Age 2, though there is always the possibility that story-driven DLC could link in to the sequel, in much the same way BioWare are planning with Mass Effect 2's upcoming DLC.

Check out BioWare's DLC site.


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