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Bioware Talks ME3 Gameplay Improvements

Bioware's web video series Pulse has revealed some of the new changes made to Mass Effect's gameplay in the third entry in the series, slated for March next year.

Things of note are the new unique abilities each class is getting. For example: my Shepard, being an Adept, will receive a new pull ability that makes shield carrying enemies easier to take down by making them drop the heavy armored shield they walk around with. Likewise, the more close range Vanguard class, which is known for the teleportation charge attack, will also receive an area effect damage ability that, while making you vulnerable by using your shield as its power source, will likely kill everything it hits. 

To see these in action, among other cool new additions Bioware is showing off, check out the video below:

Mass Effect 3 will release March 6th on PS3, 360 and PC.  Collector's editions are in limited supply, so people should pre-order a copy if they are excited to play the conclusion of Commander Shepard’s story. I know I am.


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