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Birthday Parties and Child’s Play With Weekend Sales

No plans for the weekend and no money either?  How about buying some cheap games with this week’s crop of weekend sales?  Steampowered.com is showing off their patriotism by selling everything in the WWII franchise Company of Heroes for 75% off.  The original game is now just two dollars and fifty cents, with the Complete Pack of three games at $12.50.

After a few weeks of crappy discounts, direct2drive has finally put together some decent sales.  Every day throughout September they’re putting two games on sale with savings of about 75%. Not content with just a daily sale, direct2drive is also celebrating their sixth birthday with a weekly sale for the next four weeks where they’ll have a handful of games marked down to six dollars.  This week it has several Star Wars games and the Penumbra collection among others.

Gamersgate.com also has a host of titles on sale.  Of note is the fact that GG is selling the Penumbra collection for two cents less than Direct2drive. Good Old Games (gog.com) has six games from publisher 1C at fifty percent off, including Kings Bounty: The Legend and several UFO titles.  They can be bought individually or a bundle. The EA store is putting just about everything on sale for 40% off, so here’s your chance to check out APB for thirty dollars.

You like donating to worthy charities, don't you?  Impuledriven.com will donate a portion of your sale to the Child’s Play charity when you buy games from selected publishers before September 10th so go to Impulse Driven and drop a few bucks on something. How about $20 for the Digital Fancypants Edition of Mass Effect 2, or $5 for the new Director's Cut of Broken Sword.


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