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Black Friday Sales for PC Gaming

Those readers of Player Affinity who are in America for Thanksgiving may have more to be thankful for than a belly full of turkey. There have been a number of spectacular games released over the past month or so. This spectacle does not come cheap, however, with the price of non-Collector’s Edition pieces averaging around $59.99.  If you have been looking for an excuse to pick up one of those new PC titles you have been eyeing, now may be your best chance. Many retailers are offering games at sale prices.

Amazon.com, one of the largest Internet retailers around, has a slew of deals relating to Black Friday for the PC gaming enthusiast. Have you been itching to get your hands on a great action RPG like Arcania: Gothic 4, but you just cannot justify the money at the moment? Well, if you hurry on over to Amazon, you can get it for $9.04, down from $49.99. Maybe you are more into the booming FPS genre instead. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, based on the popular Warhammer franchise, can be had for discount. Amazon offers it for $24.99, down from $49.99. Grab other sale games like Dragon Age: Origins and Civilization 5 at discounts as well.

Many of you probably intend to do some shopping at brick-and-mortar stores in order to maximize your deal exposure. For those of you willing to brave the crowds and long lines, you can find good sales on PC games and accessories.

While many of these retailers are keeping tight-lipped about actual deals, you can often find a number of pre-Black Friday sales to give you an idea of the types of discounts that you can expect. Unfortunately for the true PC gamer, many of these stores appear to be focusing the brunt of their sales in the console department.

Due to the nature of these brick-and-mortars, you may see some variance between store locations. Some retailers, like Walmart, allow you to enter your ZIP code to see the flyers for the stores nearest your address. Other stores offering sneak peeks at their Black Friday sales online include Kmart and Best Buy.

Possibly the most exciting retailer for any PC gaming enthusiast is Steam. This digital distribution service often offers mega sales throughout the year (basically any time they have the excuse to do so). Even though they have not yet hinted at any particular Black Friday deals, you can probably safely bet that they will offer something.


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