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Remender Welcomed Back to Image Comics with Black Science

Best-selling writer Rick Remender (responsible for the awesome current Captain America series and Uncanny Avengers) is returning to Image Comics with a new comic book that is a spiritual sequel to his Fear Agent series. This November he will be introducing Black Science, a story about scientists who travel through different dimensions and are on the run from absolute chaos. The protagonist of this science-fiction epic is Grant McKay who was a member of The Anarchistic Order of Scientist. He was able to figure out "Black Science" and go through reality. His goal was to find enlightenment and epiphany in these other dimensions but instead his team becomes lost in a sea of worlds that provide more danger than enlightenment. Black Science #1 Cover B The artwork for this series will be done by Matteo Scalera (Indestructible Hulk, Secret Avengers). It will be complimented by Dean White's (Uncanny X-Force) colors. The artwork in the preview is solid but I really love the exotic and otherworldly colors. Remender remarks on his past relationship with the two and how important the artwork will be in Black Science: "Black Science feeds on my love of comic book science fiction, the kind that is incredibly reliant on strong visuals. So fortunately, I'll be working with two of my favorite collaborators—Matteo Scalera and Dean White—to bring these hundreds of new worlds to life. I'm incredibly excited to be doing new books with longtime publisher Image Comics." Black Science #1 Interior Page Black Science #1 will be going out of this world and onto others on November 27th, 2013.


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