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Blackhawks #1 – Review

The first issue of Blackhawks is surprisingly successful in creating an interesting array of characters, an intriguing storyline and art that has a few really good moments. But longtime fans of the original Blackhawks may be upset with these new characters and the modern setting. A team of mercenaries using high-tech weaponry known as the Blackhawks stand in the way of the innocent and a new deadly enemy. The team consists of Nikki, a sassy pink-haired vixen, her secret lover Wildman, Attila, Canada, the Irishman, and their captain, Andrew Lincoln. DC Comic New 52 Blackhawks #1 (2011) written by Mike CostaThe opening of the comic is jam-packed with most of the action in the issue and is its biggest flaw. It goes by quickly and can be confusing to follow. The dialogue did not mesh well with the action sequences. At one point, it seemed like writer Mike Costa was lost when a captive managed to hold a conversation with a Blackhawks agent that was speaking a different language. It is nit-picking, but could have easily been avoided and shows just how convoluted the opening was. The very first page was a terrible start with a bunch of words that could go in a soldiers' debrief, like the names of the agents fighting (which includes Lady Blackhawk, but we never do catch a glimpse of her) and the time. The time. Exactly what I want to know in the middle of a battle. Past the opening action sequence, we are introduced to our characters. Mike Costa has created a team of very interesting individuals. While none of their origins are explored, their personalities are clear. There is a page of dialogue that goes into why they got their nicknames that didn't feel out of place and was actually pretty interesting, telling us a bit more about the characters without interrupting the storyline. Captain Lincoln has a great design that screams "badass" with white hair and shades. We also get a taste of his personality right away, though he feels somewhat similar to Deathstroke, if a bit more of a team player. He is never in combat in this issue, but I look forward to seeing him fight in the future. The most interesting character is Nikki, who has a secret forbidden relationship with Wildman. Their relationship shows promise, but what really intrigues the reader to Nikki is when she starts to develop abilities, the greatest plot point this issue introduces. Coming in a close second is a couple pages between a prisoner and a mysterious new enemy, called Mother. Her design is robotic and showcases some of Graham Nolan and Ken Lashley's better artwork in this issue.  The backgrounds are often neglected, but the character designs are given enough detail that you rarely take your eyes off them to notice.  During the action sequence, the art was also pretty good, not cluttered and confusing. The only reason the opening sequence was confusing was because of the dialogue going along with it.  Watching the action is fun. Reading it is not. This issue is a great start. The characters are interesting and the ending has a great cliffhanger that will have readers coming back for a second issue. Nikki and Lincoln are both great additions, but the issue does have some G.I. Joe overtones. Fans of the original will not find what they are looking for here with all the old characters replaced and the setting being the modern day and not World War II.  While I miss the original storyline of Blackhawks, this new team and villain are satisfying and have me hooked.


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