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Blacklight Developer Zombie Studios Shuts Down

"Zombies Studios Is Closing It's Doors After 20 Years"
Zombie Studios
Zombie Studios, a company who has been around for over 20 years, announced that they have shut down. Announced on the company's website, Zombie Studios owners are retiring and the studio will be shut down as a result. The company has had a long history in game development and publishing. Last year they released the horror game Daylight and in 2013 they brought their Blacklight Retribution game to PS4.
In a letter posted on the official company website Zombies Studios said goodbye to its fans and talked about how much they enjoyed making games for the last 20+ years.
It has been awesome working with all the various technology over the years, both hardware and software, growing with the industry and our fans, and producing fun games and technology of our own.

Zombie Studios also explained that Blacklight: Retribution will continue on. The game was bought by Builder Box, a new studio made up of many former Zombie Studio members. This new studio will continue to work on the game and support the game.
Its always a sad day when a game developer closes its doors. Hopefully everyone there can find a new job somewhere soon and get back to making games. We wish all of the former Zombie Studio employees good luck in their future endeavors.


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