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Blade Runner Sequel Progress Gains Momentum

More than 30 years after the theatrical release of Blade Runner, a sequel is set to accompany it with Ridley Scott reprising his position as the director.

As of right now, negotiations are in the works to acquire screenwriter Michael Green, co-writer of the 2011 feature Green Lantern. Other projects Green has collaborated on include The Flash, Fantastic Four, and the soon-to-be feature Robopocalypse, a Steven Spielberg science-fiction film adaptation expected to land in theaters next spring which Green had recently done revisions on the script.

Although Alcon Entertainment announced in early 2011 that it secured the rights to the production of the sequel and planned to move forward with it, the name of the sequel, the date of release, and the cast for the Blade Runner sequel are still unknown at the time.

What is known at the time is the film’s setting will take place several years following the ending of the original movie.


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