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Blind Man Conquers The Legend of Zelda

After two long years Ontario, Canada’s Jordan Verner finally conquers The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This may seem like ordinary news to some folks but the real story behind this is that Jordan Verner completed the game blind.

Jordan placed a message online asking for assistance from other diehard Legend of Zelda fans in completing the 1998 Nintendo 64 title. He said he seriously didn’t expect to get help. He is quoted as saying, “I thought that was far from reality, that’s more fantasy then the game itself."

Roy Williams is one of the Legend of Zelda fans who responded to Jordan's message along with many others. Each would take turns writing down everything that they did in game to help Jordan. "Every time we make a move, rolled, jumped, or anything, we typed down on the computer exactly what we're doing" said Williams.

After Williams and the others were done copying down their moves, they would send it to Jordan where he got his computer to read it back to him during his play through of the game. They did this for two years until Jordan finally completed the game.

“I felt strong, I felt like the sky was the limit” said Jordan. He later said "Our school's motto, and I live by it, is the impossible is only the untried"

This is a great story. It must have been really tough getting through that water dungeon blind.


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