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Blizzard Offering Some Post-Blizzcon Goodies

Blizzard have a bit of a reputation for the goodies they give to gamers who visit their yearly convention (Blizzcon) and in the aftermath of Blizzcon 2011 they have announced a slew of goodies available for purchase for people who attended or watched via a Blizzcon 2011 pay-per-view virtual pass. 

The goodies themselves look quite cool and go beyond the usual game related merchandise. Gamers can get their hands on things like a Megablocks Battlecruiser and a variety of Murloc plushies. Gamers can even buy a World of Warcraft breifcase and a rather...colorful Diablo 3 shirt.

The catch to all these cool goodies is that only people with Blizzcon codes from watching the pay-per-view stream online will be able to purchase the goodies. Sadly, Blizzard has made no indication that the goodies will be available for gamers who didn't attend Blizzcon 2011.


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