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Blizzard to Release Diablo 3 Background Merchandise

In an effort to expand on the world of Sanctuary in which the Diablo franchise occurs, Blizzard intends to release companion media to lore-struck fans. The first of these is a book that gives more insight into the nemesis of the franchise, Diablo himself. His story appears in the Book of Cain, which is a journal ostensibly written by Deckard Cain himself (the old guy who identifies items for you in Diablo and who fills in the backstory in Diablo 2). This book functions as a lead-up to Diablo 3, telling you why things are the way they are. It will be published some time in December.

Next is another book, a novel this time, called The Order. This novel will complement a five-issue comic book series that will then be compiled into a graphic novel called Sword of Justice. These stories elaborate on the story of the archangel Tyrael, taking place directly after the events of Diablo 2. The novel is due out sometime in March 2012.

It looks like there will be a great deal of swag available for the discerning Diablo aficionado. There is no word yet on how much these items will cost. You can pick them up with the Collector’s Edition to maximize your dose of Diablo.



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