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Bloodline Season 2 Trailer Released

Netflix recently released a new trailer for its Emmy-nominated series, Bloodline. The series follows the dysfunctional Rayburn family, who are generally good people who have done some pretty bad things. The season two trailer reveals that they will now have to face the consequences for their actions. John Rayburn, played by Kyle Chandler, finds himself in over his head with the rest of his family, played by Linda Cardellini and Norbert Leo Butz. And they are not just covering up some small family secrets anymore- they are also covering up the murder of their brother Danny, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Medelsohn and Chandler both received Emmy nominations for their work in season one. Season two will follow the aftermath of Danny’s murder. The new season will include guest spots by John Leguizamo and Andrea Radosevich, both playing people from Danny's past. To get a look at what’s to come for the Rayburn family, check out the Bloodline season two trailer below. The 10 episode second season of Bloodline premieres on Netflix on May 27.
(Featured image via Netflix)


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