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Bloodrayne Rises From The Grave

Bloodrayne is among the video games that have been granted the honor of a film adaptation by Uwe Boll.  But don’t hold that against poor little vampiress Rayne, because her games are actually pretty good, unlike the movie adaptations.  While the film series has hopefully been put to its final rest, the game franchise will return this summer in a new format.
Originally the Bloodrayne games were third-person shooters with a hefty amount of hand-to-hand combat, and a generous dose of gothic sex appeal.  They followed the exploits of a slinky half-vampire who belonged to a secret society devoted to fighting the supernatural.  The new installment Bloodrayne Betrayal will be a downloadable 2D side-scroller, with a cartoony art design. 
The launch trailer shows plenty of gory hack and slash combat, but also some platforming sequences.  However it does appear to retain many of the features that made its predecessors noteworthy, like Rayne’s distinctive arm blade weapons, and her vampiric ability to restore her health by draining the blood of her enemies. 
It is developed by WayForward Technologies who also made the cult hit side-scroller Shantae, so this is a game worth following. Bloodrayne Betrayals will become available for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this summer.  Watch the launch trailer below.


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