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Blue Beetle Live Action TV Show?

Coming from Geoff Johns' Twitter feed is news that DC Entertainment is filming a live action test for a live action Blue Beetle TV show. The test is of the character Jamie Reye's (The current Blue Beetle) activating his Scarab suit. Johns also stated on the feed that if he could he would be bringing the footage to Comic Con in July. The Brave and Bold cartoon show will also be featuring the character for most of the new season in order to increase the public's awareness.

Just to clarify it's not this Blue Beetle...

it's this one!
And even he's surprised by it!

When asked for a comment P.A.C.'s own Kevin Beckham had this to say, "Just don't kill him when the ratings are low. You know what? Just go ahead and do that."

Neil followed it up by saying, "That sounds awesome! Wait... It's not Ted Kord? Never mind."

Personally it's seems as if DC is looking for a replacement for Smallville but geared towards a younger audience. Now if it was going to be like the Flash TV show then it would be game on!

Tell us what you think about the possibility of a live action Blue Beetle in the comments below. 


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