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Blur (X360) Preview

The developers of Blur, Bizarre Creations, are responsible for one of my most favorite racing games out there (granted I do not play racing games that much), Project Gotham Racing 4. Blur is a step back from the serious Sim-style racing of the PGR series and it delves a bit into the arcade style racing game. Similar to most Kart Racing games, you pick up power ups throughout the race, using them to either protect yourself or cause your opponents some serious trouble.

The first thing that you notice is Blur’s very stylish neon graphics. Everything has beautiful colors reflecting or running off of it and this adds to the beauty of the tracks. Unlike most betas, Blur offers quite a bit in its, giving us 12 cars, 4 game types, and 4 tracks. From the tracks given, they seemed very varied and out of control in a good way.

Blur starts you off, like most games do, with an ugly, not very fast car. But thanks to the great matchmaking, it’s no time before you can level up and get into the better cars. No matter the game, it seems the multiplayer always has to have some kind of leveling system. Blur’s isn’t bringing anything new, it’s the normal “carrot on a stick" style leveling system but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You level up by earning fans, which you earn by completing races.
Obviously, at the core of every racing game is the racing. Blur does its racing very well. None of the power-ups felt useless at all and I constantly was excited to pick up a new one. It did feel like Blur had a few faults with the controls. Everything was fine and quick but once I went into a turn, it felt a bit hard to come out the turn well and still be going at a good speed. Everyone racing with me seemed to be having the same problem as well.

When I booted up the beta, I wasn’t expecting that much. But after an hour or so of playing, the game became a blast. The extra modes such as Motor Mash, where you get points for ramming opposing cars, don’t seem to be that fun compared to the normal racing but the normal races are exciting and make the online experience very enjoyable. Blur is a game that I can not wait to play when it is released, May 25th.


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