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Blybergiving Sales

For the last month, all of the online stores and digital distributors have been holding sales, and they’re converging today due to the “Cyber-Monday” media hysteria.  There are quite a few of these special sales, so we’ve compiled the most prominent ones here in a handy guide. First up is Ubisoft who are in on the joke with all of these made-up shopping holidays, so they’re having a “Blybergiving Sale”.  You can get Assasin’s Creed for five dollars today, along with several other Ubisoft games that are marked down by about 50%.

Amazon.com has been doing Black Friday, and Prelude to Black Friday sales for two weeks now.  Today they have “Lightning Deals” on games which give very good price breaks, but only for a few hours on any particular game.  You can see the current allotment HERE.  Amazon also has general price breaks that are available all day long.  The best deal there is the World Of Warcraft Battle Chest which will get you the main WoW game, and the Burning Crusade expansion for $9.99.  It’s a good gift for your pals who haven’t tried WoW yet.

SteamPowered.com has a “Give & Get” sale where they’re discounting about ten games each day.  Today’s standout deals are Metro 2033 for ten dollars and Aliens VS Predator for $6.80.  Steam also has “Gift Packs” on sale too.  The Gift Packs let you buy several copies of one game, so that you can give them to your pals.  Steam also has a “”Wish List” contest.  If you create a wish list of steam games, you have a chance of winning your top five games for free.

Direct2Drive.com has a smattering of games marked down today, but they’re also holding a special event where one out of every five orders are free.  The 1-in-5 deal runs through the end of the year.

Onlive.com has a pretty good sale running now as well; they’re discounting about 15 games by 50-75%.  You can get Splinter Cell Conviction for $19.99. 

Gog.com is selling all three games from the Age of Wonders trilogy for $12.97, which is a good deal, but it pales in comparison to most of the other sales we’re seeing today.

The Electronic Arts Store is selling various Sims and Spore games and Expansions for half off, along with the Littlest Pet Shop.

Gamestop.com is having a major sale on games for all platforms, along with accessories.  They have a bunch of things for PC on sale, but my recommendation is the Limited Edition of Bioshock 2 for $19.99

ImpulseDriven.com is still doing their Thanksgiving Sale, and has many games on sale.  The clear best pick there is the Dragon Age Ultimate Edition for $24.99, but you’ll certainly find something to your liking among the selection.

GamersGate.com has skipped Cyber Monday altogether and jumped right into Week One of their Christmas Sale.  They have dozens of games on sale right now, and will rotate the selection each week between now and Christmas.  In addition to the price breaks, they have a "4 for 3" sale; if you buy four games, you get the cheapest one free.

Also jumping the gun straight into Christmas is Telltale Games who are having a different Daily Deal for the next month.  Today they’re selling all five chapters of Tales of Monkey Island for $9.95.

Did we miss your favorite Publisher or distributor?  Tell us in the comments section below.


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