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Bob’s Burgers Renewed for Two More Seasons

"Well done, Belcher family!"
The Belchers will be a staple on Fox for at least a couple more years. On Wednesday, 20th Century Fox Television renewed Bob's Burgers for its seventh and eighth seasons. Last year's Emmy winner for Outstanding Animated Program has been a big success for Fox. Bob's Burgers was picked up for syndication last month, and there's a comic book series based on the show. The show's soundtrack was released last year. Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise have found their home on Fox's Sunday Funday. Bob's Burger Comic Book Series Announced! Bob's Burgers will also be reaching a milestone soon. The 100th episode will air in spring 2016, which is a big deal for any TV series. Show creator Loren Bouchard, co-creator of the Adult Swim animated cult classic Home Movies, told The Hollywood Reporter "In a way your 100th episode should be almost like your pilot all over again. I think a good 100th episode shouldn't be big and crazy. It should be the quintessential Bob's Burgers episode." If that means more Tina butt jokes, clever pun names for burgers, and appearances from the restaurant's colorful regular customers, then it should be sticking close to its roots.


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