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Bob’s Burgers – Sexy Dance Fighting

Tina is distraught when a boy from her school moves away. It’s clear that she had a crush on the boy and now only wants to lie down and die. Too bad she’s sitting in the kitchen of the restaurant while she’s doing this. The entire family attempts their version of comfort by standing over her and staring at her. Gene asks what’s wrong with her to which Linda is quick to respond, “Puberty.” Louise responds saying that she’s pubing out and once again stealing the scene. After Tina explains the situation Louise suggests that she kill herself. Gene and Louise begin chanting, “Kill yourself, kill yourself” before Linda tells them that one day they’ll go through puberty themselves. Gene and Louise begin freaking out over this.

After thirty minutes of lying on the floor Bob tells Tina to get up and man the grill. She wants to know why Gene and Louise don’t have to help in the kitchen, to which Bob explains that because she’s the oldest she has extra responsibilities... also they love fires. Then he plays if off like is father-daughter quality time. Gene and Louis come back to the kitchen to show Tina something amazing they found down the street. They blind fold her and walk behind her as she crashes into everything while making her way. They stop her in front of a newly rented building that is home to a Capoeira Studio aka Brazilian Dance Fighting. While Gene and Louis mock the students and teacher within, Tina is amazed by what she sees.

Bob's Burgers - Sexy Dance Fighting
Tina falls in love with the teacher instantly and joins the class much to everyone’s dismay and begins practicing night and day. She spouts out factoids that the teacher has taught her all day and every day which gets on Bob’s nerves. One day after her class Tina decides not to come home to man the grill, but instead to stay and practice. Bob becomes inpatient waiting for her since he has a 4:30 appointment with the toilet. He marches down to the class to get Tina and is confronted by the teacher. He knocks Bob on his ass which causes his 4:30 appointment to happen in his pants. Bob remains on the floor and asks for Tina to create a diversion. Tina, who happens to have stage fright and freaks out easily, begins to make a pathetic sheep sound as Bob tries to figure out how to get out of the studio.

This is a very Tina heavy episode which isn’t a bad thing at all. The part that just didn’t work for the episode was the teacher. His character was funny for the first interaction and then he just became very annoying. It’s possible that because the episode didn’t have a “B” storyline running through it or the fact that the “B” storyline tied too directly into the “A” storyline that the episode didn’t turn out very good. Louise is still the scene stealer which is great, but waiting for her or Gene to show up and make the episode funny is a bit of a drag.

Bob's Burgers - Sexy Dance Fighting
What the episode actually deals with is Tina growing up and the fact that Bob will have to let her go one day. Bob pictures him and Tina always working the grill together even through the birth of Tina’s children. The daughter-father time that Bob plays off as an excuse for her to work, turns out to be the only way that Bob really knows how to spend time with his kids and he doesn’t want to lose that. A heart-felt episode for sure, but not the funniest.

Overall – 8.5/10



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