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Bob’s Burgers – Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

After several episodes and a few breaks in-between Bob’s Burgers has finally found its tone, style and pacing; while keeping the family lessons and not losing sight of what sets it apart from the other prime-time animations.

This episode opens with Louise and Bob staying up late watching TV together. Louise dubs them the 'burn unit" as they change the channel taking turns making fun of aka “burning” a show. The jokes aren’t very good, but you can see that it’s a special father daughter time that they share. Until Bob stumbles upon a Spaghetti Western called Banjo, which is basically Clint Eastwood with a… banjo. Gene comes in looking for a larger plunger as he’s preparing for the extreme number two he has on deck. He’s intrigued by Banjo and all its cheesy western action. Louise is instantly discouraged by the fact that the burn unit is done for the night and that she now must share her father’s attention with Gene.

Bob's Burgers Spaghetti Western and Meatballs
The next day Linda lands the restaurant a catering gig for Tina’s school. The job is unpaid and basically Linda has taken it to get even with another mother and really its a piety score at best. Tina is excited because it’s for her club the “conflict resolution club.” At this point basically each family member is contributing to the overall story of the episode. Gene joins everyone at breakfast wearing Louie’s Little Princess Guitar. He tells the family about his nemesis at school; a kid named Choo Choo that always finishes Gene’s jokes before he can. He’s going to stand up to him after being inspired by Banjo.

This is definitely one of the better episodes. It doesn’t top the first three episodes, but it comes in fourth which is saying something. The creative team apparently reads my reviews as well (not really) since they actually built Louise as more of a character rather than just comedic relief. Although it doesn’t show this episode is all about her and her relationships with the family. Of course she finally confesses this to Bob and Gene while they’re hiding in a slide of a playground avoiding Choo Choo and his father, who are of course looking to beat the crap out of the two men. There's a funny yet touching moment where Gene farts and the two men bond over the similar smell, Louise is so desperate to be like them that she farts as well to compare the smell. It just goes to show how much she wants to be one of the boys and is very fitting of the character.

Bob's Burgers Spaghetti Western and Meatballs
Bob’s Burgers continues to be different from other animated comedies and thankfully so. There’s a great balance of jokes and heart that makes the show a must see every week. Hopefully Fox renews it for more episodes and continues supporting it with marketing since it’s one of their actual original animations that are not a carbon copy or just a group of random jokes thrown together in an episode.

Overall Score - 9.0/10



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