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Bob’s Burgers – Weekend at Mort’s

The eleventh episode of Bob’s Burgers is a great treat for anyone who has been watching the series from the beginning as it brings back characters and gags from previous episodes. It starts off with a green mold growing in the restaurant that requires a visit from the health inspector Hugo. The same Hugo that Linda broke up with to marry Bob. He tells them that the restaurant will need to be tented for 48 hours. Whereas Bob looks at it as a complete loss of weekend profits, Linda sees it as an opportunity for them to have the honey moon they’ve never had.

They end up staying with Mort next door in the apartment above his mortuary, mostly furnished with things from the deceased. Which ends up getting the weekend dubbed the “haunted Honeymoon.” Mort agrees to watch the kids all weekend so that Linda and Bob can enjoy themselves. Once in their room Bob switches into his lazy pants and begins building a model of the bus from Speed. There are some great dated jokes about Keanu Reeves that follow. Linda is convinced that she can have a great Honeymoon on her own while Bob builds his model. Bob basically ruins the entire weekend for Linda until a near death experience changes everything for him.

Bob's Burgers - Weekend at Mort's
The kids really steal the show in this episode. From having Gene eat mold, to family sing-alongs and then nearly killing their father by burning him alive. There’s a great throwback joke to Tina’s obsession with Zombies which was humorously followed by the term “Robot Wieners.” The show still maintains a great balance of comedy with an actual story. They build the relationship of Bob and Linda and establish Tina more as a teenager that is actually in control of her younger siblings instead of vice versa.

Overall Score – 8.5/10



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