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‘Bodycount’ Coming August 30th

I have to admit every time I hear about or see a new shooter now I'm finding myself audibly sighing louder and louder, but thank God at least this one isn't brown and about the exact same group of modern military or space marine tough guys.

Bodycount is being (strangely enough) developed by Codemasters, and if you don't know who they are it's probably because you're not a fan of off-road simulation racing games since up until now that's all they've really been known for with the likes of Dirt 3 that came out not long ago. I'm genuinely interested to see what Bodycount is like as it's the first shooter Codemasters has made and, looking over their history of past games, it seems to be a huge departure from their usual offerings. As far as I know, the only other developer who is known for racing games that decided to make a shooter was Burnout creators Criterion when they released Black last generation. Amazingly Bodycount looks to be quite similar to Black, with the weapons being relatively realistic but the look and style of the game being much closer to a comic book. Destruction seems to be a big selling point with all the footage of the game demonstrating walls being blown apart and stuff flying in all directions with but the slightest hint of gunfire.

If nothing else the game looks very visually interesting compared to most shooters, with some nice color variation and varied environments. The game has been on and off development for some time with details even now a mere month away still being quite sketchy. This is perhaps a side project on Codemasters' behalf similar to what Dice was doing with Mirror's Edge, and even if it doesn't turn out particularly good (since believe it or not a good shooter is still pretty hard to make), I'm easily more interested in this than the next Modern Borefare or Battlesnooze.

Bodycount releases on August 30th for PS3 and 360.


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