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Bomb Queen Vol 6 #4 – Review

Bomb Queen #4 is the last issue of a four part arc that was released by Image Comics and their Shadowline productions. The book closes out Bomb Queen’s plot to raise havoc to the world.  Let me start off with this warning: Bomb Queen is not for the faint of heart or for kids; this book is straight up an adult book and readers should be cautious when picking this up.

The issue’s art and story are done by Jimmie Robinson who is also known as the creator of Bomb Queen and for his work on Evil & Malice. The books takes place in D.C. were President Obama is gathered by his regular advisors along with a team called Capewatch. Capewatch specializes in gathering intelligence on the “super” community.  Obama is faced with a very tough situation: apparently information had leaked that Obama was involved in a sex scandal with Bomb Queen and that because of their affair, Bomb Queen was pregnant with his child.   In reality, Bomb Queen got pregnant by an in vitro fertilization process using supposedly Obama’s sperm. 

Bomb Queen 6 # 4Obama tells his group that he never went to a sperm bank and that the baby that Bomb Queen is carrying is not his.  Capewatch, due to their infinite information abilities, confirms Obama’s claims.  The way that Capewatch confirms this information was by lying to Bomb Queen about the sperm’s source. Capewatch advises Obama not to ask for a paternity test.  Instead, they advise him to wait and only request it at a time when it really matters (his re-election). 

Bomb Queen begins to tour all over the United States using her new found scandal to her advantage. The news stations begin to gain sympathy for her condition as she manages to gain sympathy and keep her evil image off the radar. Her plan is working so well that not even her closest confidants know what she’s really up to. Does Bomb Queen manage to complete her plan? Will Obama be able to bring down Bomb Queen? You’re going to have to read to find out.

Bomb Queen as a whole was an okay read.   The book uses modern day people and popular culture to create its story.  The book almost feels like a Robocop style story only that it doesn’t do a good job using its satire and it is a little over the top with its violence and fanfare.  For example, there was a scene where a member of Capewatch tries to rape a guy with a baseball bat just to extract some information was a little too much.  There was no need to show an image of it.   

At one point, Bomb Queen manages to get into Air Force One and shows how Bomb Queen beats the living daylight out of the President.  Again, for some people, this might be awesome but for others it might be too gruesome. What Bomb Queen did really well was explain the entire story in the last issue.   It put together all the clues from the previous issues and it reveals that Bomb Queen was never working alone and that her plan worked to perfection. Not only that, but the end of the story also leaves it open for another arc of Bomb Queen.    

The Art of the book was really impressive.  Jimmie Robinson uses a style that is borderline realistic and cartoony.  The colors are sharp and bright and it felt like you were watching a movie instead of reading a comic book.

Overall, Bomb Queen was an average book with great art: something that a lot of image books seem to be doing lately.  In my opinion, this book will be a “love it” or “hate it” book.  If you’re looking for a super hero comic book then this book will be a “hate it” book.   If you’re a fan of the series or you just love extreme violence and T&A, then Bomb Queen won’t disappoint.

Art - 8.0

Story - 4.0

Plot – 5.0

Overall - 5.6



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