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Bomb Queen vs Hack/Slash # 1 – Advanced Review

Bomb Queen versus Hack/Slash is a one shot, crossover issue with all girl action. The story starts with the characters of Hack/Slash already transported into New Port City. A chaotic desolated city ruled by a demon cat. The reasons these characters are here, is because their job is to kill all serial killers and all kinds of psychos. Thanks to the help of their strange, demon dog named Pooch, Cassie and Vlad are able to locate New Port city and the demon cat Ashe. Ashe tells them that serial killers are moving from his world to the Hack/Slash world because they want too. At that point Bomb Queen appears and tries to mess things up. Bomb Queen is after Ashe because she wants a power transfer that she can only get once Ashe is dead. Both of the protagonist of the crossover bicker and fight among each other, this serves as a distraction while Pooch manages to kill Ashe. The group from hack/Slash them traveled back to their world but not before Bomb Queen has a lesbian moment with Cassie.

The book is for mature readers only! This issue alone contains a lot of strong language, extreme violence, nipple shots, lesbian encounters and a vagina power surge among other things. As far as the Hack/Slash part goes they are the only characters with a type of conscience in this book. Bomb Queen on the other hand, is one of the most outrageous and over the top characters around. Everything she says is nasty and twisted and is quite safe to say that she was more of a threat than the cat demon itself.

coverI do like over the top crazy offensive stuff. But there is no point for being offensive for the sake of being offensive. Every line of dialog from Bomb Queen is over the top just to be over the top. The action is minimal, the bickering between the two main girls is maximum. This one shot is new reader friendly and can be use as a jumping on point for either title.

The story is simple. The use of both properties in one story is handle with care and doesn't seem to affect any of the titles' continuity. That being said the story has nothing new or clever to offer. It does starts with a interesting hook in the first few pages but it gets lost once the character of Bomb Queen appears. We all know Bomb Queen is evil, yet the writer keeps insisting on mentioning that, in every line of the character. As for the demon cat, it was more a macguffin than a real villain.

The art was weak. Lack of backgrounds, lack of details and it needed a better sence of design. The art was focus more in fanservice than storytelling, which is the purpose of these types of comics.

hack/slashThe Hack/Slash part of the book was the best part. If I was a new reader and I care to pick one of the books, it would be Hack/Slash because it has the eye candy and a entertaining story as well....a book with a emo chick catching serial killers and all kinds of weird whackos seems like a no brainer to me. Bomb Queen on the other hand is a masturbatory guilty pleasure book. It has a good concept but is mostly driven by panty shots and whatever sexy fan service they throw in every new issue. These types of crossovers are good for getting new readers. So if you pick this book is a good jumping on point to pick one of the series. But I warm you... You must pick only one! Nah I'm kidding or am I? 

Overall Score - 5.0/10



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