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Bond 24 News: The Return of SPECTRE

"Bond 24's Official Title is a Doozy"
The big announcement here is this: Spectre is the title of the forthcoming 24th Bond film according to The Verge. It is probably among the most exciting bits of news on the project to come to light in some time. You might be asking why. Well, for many Bond fans, myself included, only one thing comes to mind when the term Spectre gets tossed around with any mention of Bond and that is, a certain white cat on the lap of a faceless villain. Bond's greatest adversary, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The film's title is an acronym for the worst of the worst: Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. The goal of this group, world domination. "Same old dream," Bond once called it. Many of us thought the criminal organization Quantum, which appeared in 2008s Quantum of Solace, would be the successor to SPECTRE (or SMERSH, as it was once called). However, we are pleased that Blofeld's criminal collective has returned to claim its place as the most dangerous entity that Bond has ever encountered. spectre-teaser-poster It doesn't look like we'll see Blofed this time around unless of course he makes a brief cameo appearance near the end of the film. It would be quite a surprise if we weren't given at least a nice teaser into the beginning of the rivalry. Whether the character actually makes an appearance in this film or not, shouldn't matter as much since the seeds for his eventual inclusion are being planted given the film's title. Maybe Blofeld's white cat will at least make an appearance in some way. That would send many Bond fans to heaven for sure. One can hope. Spectre is due out in theaters November 2015.


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