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Books To Read From Archaia Comics

Last week I talked about Archaia as a publisher you should know, and I also mentioned the good things that this publisher is doing.  This week I will recommend some books from the publisher that you could try and pick up for yourself.   My picks are solely recommendations of books you should read from Archaia; feel free to grab any of their fine selection for yourself and enjoy the goodness that they produce.

Mouse Guard – I have mentioned this book recently on my top ten favorite books and I will mention this book again for this article. Mouse Guard is probably the best place to start reading Archaia comics.  This epic adventure is about three mice who are in olden days and the group’s job is to protect their lands from larger predators.  The book is more than just an epic.  It talks about corruption and betrayal within their kingdom and how the group of mice has to stop a civil war from occuring in their kingdom.  The book is a fabulous read and probably your first stop in the Archaia library.

Mouse Gurad Fall 1152 Cover
Feeding Ground - I recently picked this series up and I have enjoyed it a lot .This series is about the events that are occurring in the Mexico-Arizona border and in the story a famine has destroyed the town.  Because of this famine, Diego Busqueda a coyote, tries to lead a band of Mexicans into the border of the United States.  While Diego is leading these brave people into the neighboring border, his sister Flaca discovers there is definitely something worse that is lurking in their devastated town. This book is great.  It tackles issues that are currently going on in the real world but with an interesting twist. The art also is great it shows the grit and the struggle that the characters go through just to reach their dream.

The Return of the Dapper Men - This Eisener nominated book is another book that deserves attention right now.  The Return of the Dapper Men is a tale of a world in between time, where children have played for a such a long time that it was become work for them and for machines, they have worked for so long that they have just discovered how to have fun and now all the clocks have stopped at the same time due to the machines having fun. The land has been that way for a long time and now is up to a group of dapper looking gentlemen to start the world again.  This book is very clever and timeless and the story telling is great, it feels like a children story and the art is stunning and it describes very well what the story is portraying.  Clearly this book has instant classic written all over.

Lucid - Besides Mouseguard, Lucid is one of my favorite comics from Archaia right now.  Lucid is about a world of magic and how the United States government uses these sorcerers to solve some of the world’s biggest threats and they also work to protect the president from assassination plots. The book is a fun action packed read from beginning to the end of each issue.  There art is also beautiful and it feels like an Aeon Flux episode. This book is a great read especially if you like Magic, Black ops or just plan action.

Well there you have it.  Here are my recommendations of books to read from Archaia, I hope that these books entice you into exploring more of this great publisher which is doing some phenomenal work in the comic industry.


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