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Books to Read from Dark Horse Comics

Books you should read from Dark Horse Comics -- that would be a lot of them. But here are seven that should be in your collection.

Sin City: Gritty, violent, sexy, dark and gruesome. The world of Sin City is populated by whores, criminals, ninjas, killers, child molesters, and religious and political corruption. It's set in a beautiful noir tone, drawn in gorgeous black and white. The cast of characters is abundant; every character in this city has a story and most of them crave a thirst for revenge. If you like hardboiled/mature stories, this is the book to get. Oh, and it is drawn and written by Frank Miller.

sin city

Hellboy: Mike Mignola's paranormal adventurer is a great book to get. It has lots of self-contained stories and Hellboy is a very interesting character. Don't let his looks fool you -- Hellboy is a funny, working man-devil. His job is to kick evil occult monsters right in their monstrous buttocks. If you like adventure/brawler and folklore, occult tales in any of Hellboy's books deliver this and more.


The Goon: Created by Eric Powell, The Goon is a strong circus man with a disfigured face. He lives in a world full of zombie mafia creeps and weird mad scientists. This is another adventure/brawler type book. Although set in a fantasy world, the book features crime tales, which grounds the book in a safe pulp genre. It's fast-paced with lots of action.


Concrete: Created by Paul Chadwick. Concrete was man abducted by aliens and was changed into a concrete Hulk-like monster. But don't let this fool you into thinking this is a superhero book. Concrete is an activist, fighting for a right cause. This book is more of a drama, with soul searching stories, political topics and lots of character development. The joy of the book is watching Concrete be the most human character in the book.  


Star Wars: Dark Horse has the best Star Wars books, from prequels to other worlds to character miniseries and self-contained story arcs. Dark Empire is one of the best Star Wars books ever made. Here we get to see Luke being tempted into the dark side of the force as the empire tries to rebuild itself back. Will Luke be the next Darth Vader? Oh, and did I mention that Luke destroys an AT-AT just by using the force? 

star wars

Lone Wolf and Cub: This is a story of a samurai and his only son set in a path of revenge after his wife is brutally murdered. The samurai turns into a Ronin and with the help of his baby son, they take on whatever evil feudal lowlife that gets in their way with amazing action and teachings from the Art of War. This book is one of the greatest imports that Dark Horse brought us. Created by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima.

lone wolf and cub 

Grendel: Finally we come to Matt Wagner's creation of the best assassin the world has ever known. The story is told in different time periods -- sometimes with the same character or with a descendant of that character. The stories are pulp noir with action and a badass feel to them.


You can still get any of these books and more and don't forget to check out Dark Horse Comics' website for a full list of their library.


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