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Boom! Announces Kaboom! and Peanuts

Last week it became clear that the Disney Pixar line of comics was moving over to Marvel, which seemed inevitable since Disney and Marvel are totally in bed with each other. Boom! promised that the Boom! Kids line would be getting a major face lift and that they would still be holding onto the Disney afternoon block which includes: Darkwing Duck, Chip-n-Dale Rescue Rangers and the recently announced Duck Tales ongoing. Today Boom! has announced that Boom! Kids will now be known as Kaboom! which is very fitting and that their next big release? That's right the Peanuts are coming to Boom! It hasn't been announced in what capacity the Peanuts will be at Kaboom! if it is just collected reprints which Boom! handles very well or something else. Regardless this is pretty big news as Boom! Kids disappears and paves the way for something new and exciting in Kaboom!
Peanuts - Kaboom!


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