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Boom! Starts The Armory Wars

May 24th, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA - Join Coheed & Cambria frontman, Claudio Sanchez, and acclaimed writer Peter David as the next chapter of the epic sci-fi saga, THE AMORY WARS, arrives in stores this week May 26, 2010, only from Evil Ink & BOOM! Studios!

THE AMORY WARS: IN KEEPING SECRETS OF SILENT EARTH: 3 starts where the SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE saga ended. Now fans can experience a new chapter in the ever-expanding universe created from the albums and works of musical mastermind Claudio Sanchez.                                                                                                                                                                                             https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/AmoryWars_IKS_01_CVRB.jpg

"I know fans have been waiting for this story for years," said Sanchez. "Since teaming up with Peter David and Boom, I think fans are really going to get what they are looking for with this series."                                               

THE AMORY WARS is the story of Claudio Kilgannon, son of Coheed and Cambria, the subjects of a privately developed anti-terrorist unit. The insidious Supreme Tri-mage Wilhelm Ryan, self-proclaimed ruler of Heaven's Fence, a network of 78 planets, sets forth to decimate those that could stand in his way, including Coheed, Cambria and their children. Claudio must discover his role in this galactic turmoil and come to terms with his own growth in worlds that are always changing. THE AMORY WARS is the story behind the band Coheed and Cambria's music, and fans have tried to unlock the true course of events encrypted in the lyrics since the band first debuted.


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