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Boom! Titles shipping 8/18/2010

To continue our efforts in helping people discover what they can and maybe should be reading we're going to be presenting titles released this week from Boom! Studios. Everything we're spotlighting is new to the direct market of comics, so you won't find any issue numbers over "3" on the list.

First up we have CBGB #2

Written by Ana Matronic, Mr. Sheldon
Drawn by Dan Duncan, Mr. Sheldon
SC, 24pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER: Chuck B

The most legendary name in alternative music comes to comics! For decades CBGB was the club that broke acts — like The Ramones, Blondie, Misfits & Talking Heads — that changed the world! Now BOOM! Town brings comics’ best talent to tell stories of love, music, heartbreak, confusion and rebellion! In this issue, Ana Matronic of the Grammy-nominated band SCISSOR SISTERS makes her comic book creator debut! While KILL AUDIO and SUPERTRON madman Sheldon Vella brings his talents to the stage! Cover by Eisner-award winner Chuck BB! 
Then we have my personal favorite Darkwing Duck #3

Written by Ian Brill
Drawn by James Silvani
SC, 24pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Giorgio Cavazzano
COVER B: Jose Macasocol, Jr.

The Disney Afternoon revolution continues! Launchpad McQuack is back in action…but some of Darkwing’s old foes are determined to make sure that his reunion with the Duck Knight is short-lived! And the shadowy figure behind Quackwerks is revealed! 
Darkwing Duck #3AThe Pixar adaptations have been very surprising and it looks like Finding Nemo #2 could be another hit!

Written by Michael Raicht & Brian Smith
Drawn by Jake Myler
SC, 24pgs, FC, SRP: $2.99
Cover: Bob Renzas

Marlon and Nemo take to the waves, gathering up their old friends to help bring Dory back. But what father and son don’t realize is that there is something far more sinister going on and many dangerous surprises await them all! Can Dory be saved in time?
Finding Nemo #2Our last spotlight is Boom's western Pale Horse #3.

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Christian Dibari
SC, 24pgs, FC, (3 of 4), SRP: $3.99
COVER: Robert Adler

Barely having escaped with his life, Cole must make his way back to the front lines of the Civil War to deal some justice of his own. With his son in tow, and an assassin hot on his tail, Cole will have to face the wilds of the West and horrors of War if he wants to keep what remains of his family whole. The penultimate issue of the critically acclaimed series from the writer of the best-selling FALL OF CTHULHU and fan-favorite series DINGO and HEXED!
Pale Horse #3That's the end of our spotlight but check out these other titles shipping from Boom! Studios.

Farscape #10
Crichton and Aeryn return to the planet that started it all. This planet is where Aeryn was deemed irreversibly contaminated. This planet is where she joined the crew of Moya. Now, on this planet, the start to a new battle with the Peacekeepers begins, one where all of The Uncharted Territories and beyond are in play!

Donald Duck and Friends #357
Don’t miss a moment of the last Double Duck story in the pages of Donald Duck & Friends! Donald Duck aka Double Duck must travel to Cairo for an assignment where he once again meets world-renowned opera conductor, Felino Felinys, who was the former head of the Agency before his memory was deleted. However, once his memory starts to slowly return, it’s up to Donald to erase it for good, all the while trying to solve the mystery of his very first mission! It all comes full circle for the international duck of mystery, this month from BOOM Kids!

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion TPB
The Muppet Theatre has been repaired, and it’s time to once again start the Muppet Show! The search for a new performer leads to an unexpected guest, prompting a family reunion that fans have been asking for, but never expected! This is the one Muppets fans have been demanding, and will be talking about for months to come! Written by the critically acclaimed Roger Langridge with art by Amy Mebberson.

Wall-E: Out There TPB
WAAAAALL-EEE! Everyone’s favorite garbage-crunching robot is back and he’s cleaning up another big mess! Determined to help his new friend escape Earth’s deserted wastelands and reunite with his family, WALL-E leads a trash-toppling, fun-filled adventure. ‘Out There’ is a must-read for WALL-E fans! 


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