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Borderlands 2 Gets a Gamescom Teaser

The world's first demo of Borderlands 2 is set to be shown at this years imminent Gamescom and in anticipation of that, Gearbox have released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 2009 FPS/RPG Hybrid. The trailer features the previously revealed Salvador the Gunserker shooting a variety of new enemies in both a snowy and a grassy enviroment. It's quite surprising to see a grassy enviroment on Pandora (the planet on which Borderlands is set). Check it out in the trailer below:

Further details have also been released regarding weapons in the new game. As reported in our last new article about Borderlands 2, Gearbox are completely scrapping the weapons system from the first game. Wheras the weapons in the first game were entirely randomly generated, the weapons in Borderlands 2 will be far more focused and their appearance and usability will be influenced by their manufacturer. The differences between the different brands of weapon will be quite distinct. For example, Dahl guns will be more contemporary and modern looking while Maliwan brand weaponry will be very futuristic. Jakobs brand weapons stand out as very cool with designs similiar to weapons from the Wild West and World War 2. Even Bandits get their own brand of weapons, which are dotted with spikes and other cool visual features.

Expect more coverage of Borderlands 2 as more and more information about it becomes available.


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