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Borderlands 2, ‘Nuff Said

Fellow vault hunters, you should be ecstatic and excited beyond belief. Skeptical? Let me help dispell any doubts you may have about this sequel. I'm sure you can recall the issues that could be found with the first Borderlands such as awkward online play and confusing interfacing systems. These, by the looks of the trailer, have been completely dispelled seeing as Borderlands 2 will sport improved four player online co-op and a slick new menu system. If these issues bothered you in the past, there will be literally nothing to dislike about Borderlands 2, especially if you enjoyed the first one at all.

There were a few worries surrounding Borderlands 2 since it was such a unique shooter. Amidst the dubstep and graphical showcasing in the E3 trailer there were some very evident facts and promises about the game. Rest assured that things like it's dark yet charming humor, amazing art style, and bizzigillion gun looting system are all intact and thriving well. We'll also be seeing some great new characters: The gun toting Salvador, the magic weilding Maya, the footsoldier Axton, and the sleak assassin Zero. This new cast coupled with the updated graphics, effects, and story makes for this game to head towards the top of my "anticipated" list. Still don't believe me? Is this too good to be true? Take a look at the trailer yourself. I gaurentee that you'll be pleasently surprised!


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