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Brad Pitt rumored for “Red Dead Redemption” film

We don't often report on rumors, but when it comes to video game adaptations, we can be squeezed. Showbiz Spy is reporting that several “sources” are noting that a Red Dead Redemption film adaptation is in the works and that Brad Pitt is up for consideration to play the lead.

For those unaware, “Redemption” tells the story of John Marsten, a former outlaw trying to live a clean life for himself and his family in the 1911 Western landscape. His quiet life is soon shattered when government agents take Marsten from his family and offers him an ultimatum: he must hunt down the remaining members of his former gang if he ever wants to see his family again, a task that takes him across the Old West.

Again, it's important to note that Pitt playing the lead is as much a rumor as the film itself. Here's hoping that both are true; because Pitt seems a perfect choice.



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